Butterfly Net

by David Hosking

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Again this Australian singer songwriter takes a different road. Here a string quartet, beautifully scored by Michael Keeney, swells around the songs adding only what the song asks for. Album opener “The Table” though, will scare your neighbours cat off your front lawn.


released February 23, 2017


David Hosking - Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals
Paul “Hammy” Hamilton - Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Colm McClean - Electric Guitars, Pedal Steel
Gareth Hughes - Electric and Upright Bass
Bruce Haymes – Piano
Steve Kinrade - French Horn
Sarah Liversidge - Backing Vocals
Strings - Arco String Quartet

String arrangements by Michael Keeney

Recording Engineers - Paul “Hammy” Hamilton at Hill House Studio N Ireland and Number 29 Melbourne Australia
Craig Pilkington at Audrey Studios Melbourne - assisted by Heath Mackaay

Mixed by Michael Keeney at Abbey St Studio N Ireland except “Maybe”, mixed by Paul “Hammy” Hamilton at Hill House Studio N Ireland
Mastered by Michael Keeney at Abbey St Studio, N Ireland
Art by Michael Lelliot

All songs David Hosking 2017©

Produced by Paul “Hammy” Hamilton

In memory of
Steve Kinrade.


all rights reserved



David Hosking Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: The Table
The Table

Come on get up in this sleigh
Going to see the world today
Hold on for all your worth
Or you will plummet back down to earth
Got a package for the slaves
Not exactly what they crave
Just enough to keep them quiet
And to stop a riot

Ho Ho
Be satisfied with what you get
Ho Ho
You ungrateful proletariat
Ho Ho
Your position is what it is
Ho Ho
There will not be any changes

Tried to give my heart to Jesus
But it was slippery and fell
He was quite apologetic
As we watched it fall to hell
I said - your butter fingers cost me
An eternity with sheep
He said - well that was just analogous
It’s your soul I’ll save and keep

You’ve got your elbows on the table
Your head is in your hands
Certainty is circling
And it won’t being changing plans
The table might look different
From where you’re standing in this room
This song goes on forever
And there’s silence coming soon

Dirty proletariat
Track Name: Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes
Don’t let the wide wide world get in
Just let this kiss begin
Close your eyes
Never mind that we’re not alone
It’s time
To give this wish a home
Close your eyes

Like falling through the sky
Keep holding on
It won’t be long
Certainly we’ll fly
So close your eyes

Close your eyes
There’s another world within
Can we go and look again
Close your eyes
I didn’t know
But must have dreamed that you would be
Everything I see
With these eyes
Track Name: Other Little Lies
Other Little Lies

We’ll walk alone again
It’s no surprise
We might share one
Or many many lives
In some we really lived
In some we slept
Some we want back again
Or want to forget

The sun will shine again
Even if you don’t
Stay in your little ball
Curled up if you want
If that’s the only way
You can survive
For another day
Go on then and hide

You’ve nothing left
Nothing left

It’s just a little thing
When we rely
On another I’m Ok
And other little lies
Is it a little thing?
When we pretend
And there’s a bigger sting
In the end
Track Name: Someone Will Catch You
Someone Will Catch You

Line‘em up
Drink‘em down
Sing a song
Start falling down
You’re with friends
Someone will catch you

But when you’re on your own
Stay off your feet
The road from there
Is far too steep
And in the end
There’s no one to catch you

And when you fall
You’ll crash instead
Any sense knocked into
That head
Won’t be recalled
When you come to

The very pain
You tried to kill
Dug a hole
That’s never filled
And in the end
You’ll fall into
Track Name: Butterfly Net
Butterfly Net

I want to laugh the whole way through this song
If that’s Ok my Darlins
As these words begin to crumble
And make no sense at all
Will you catch them in your butterfly nets
As they tumble
Stick them in your pockets
And take them home

Like snow falls on the mountains
Branches drop their leaves
Tears roll off my face
If I don’t wipe them on my sleeve
I don’t expect your butterfly nets
To be helpful
I guess you’ll need a bucket
To get them home

You’ve got no one’s attentions
Nobody to hold
This loneliness invention
Is going strong yet it’s so old

I said I’d laugh the whole way through this song
And all you heard was crying
As these words begin to stutter
Then make no sound at all
Will you catch them in your butterfly nets
As they flutter
Stick them in your pockets
And take them home
Track Name: I Wish They'd Sing At Night
I Wish They’d Sing At Night

It’s the morning don’t you like it
It’s a favour
It’s what I wished for you
It was a long night you didn’t like it
But it’s over
And I’m right here with you

Don’t rise just shine and stay there
Because I am tired to
Every time you tossed and turned
I watched over you

The birds are singing can’t you hear them
Through the window
They love it when it’s light
When it’s dark they think it’s boring
So they’re snoring
But I wish they’d sing at night

And when we couldn’t shut our eyes
We’d listen to their song
Then every hour wide awake
Wouldn’t feel so long
Track Name: Every Corner Turned
Every Corner Turned

There’s a road to
Then a door through
To the one who will be waiting
Every mile gone
Was too long
You must be strong
Or be breaking

Every corner turned turns
Towards her
Every sign above says Love
You could not wish to hold her
More than this

In this wide world
There’s just one girl
You are blind to all the others
A little further
A little closer
You will hold her
You will be lovers
Track Name: Maybe

Maybe I got stuck on a sentence
Or maybe I never had a clue
If only I had paid some attention in school
I might have learned a way to hide this fool

Maybe if I stood a little straighter
And listened to my father’s loud commands
Instead of hunched in my default defiance
I might have turned into his kind of man

I used to be a saint now I’m a sinner
Life’s a little easier these days
You can still say grace before our dinner
I’ll just sit and listen as you pray

Maybe there’s a point or there isn’t
Or maybe is just a word that wastes the day
Maybe-ologies and maybe-isms
Maybe they just get in the way

Maybe there’s a point but if there isn’t
And all the great ideas are laid to waste
Every answered question no matter how much truth
Maybe we’ll be always lost in space
Track Name: Numbers

Standing on the main road
Sydney’s at its end
It will only take ten hours
Now they’ve straightened all the bends
But I’m only around the corner
From where I need to be
Waiting in the shadows
For this rain to ease

There are many people moving
In the corner of my eye
They’ve umbrellas and they’ve ponchos
So they’ll be staying dry
But I was never one for planning
So I’m staying put
Until the elements have squandered
The chance’s that they took

But the night is getting older
The rain has settled in
I feel it getting colder
As it slams into my skin
I’ll be here forever
Counting on a break
But counting on this weather
Is a chance I shall not take

So I step out from the shadows
Hoping for a ride
I’m only there a second
And I’m pleasantly surprised
I say I’m bound for Sydney
And I have the cash
To take me to the moon and on
As long as you don’t crash

He says I’m just a taxi
Not built for astral streets
But I’ll take you anywhere you wish
Now you’re sitting in that seat
I say I’m just a joker
Your temporary load
You won’t be making much from me
I’m only up the road

He says then tell a story
I’ll count it as a tip
I’ve worked too many hours tonight
You will be my final trip
If you’ve anything worth hearing
To add to what you’ll pay
I’ll consider you the customer
Who didn’t waste my day

I say I’m sorry
I’ve only money
My stories are all spent
They’re just written down soliloquies
That never paid the rent
I should have kept them to myself
And that’s just what I’ll do
You’re better off just driving and I’ll listen to you

So the taxi driver tells me
Numbers are his game
I count the numbers on the meter
He the letters in my name
Now what about the date
And the year of your birth
And what’s your occupation
Here on earth

I say my mother called just yesterday
She remembers everyone
I thought he’d wish me happy birthday
But continued on
Please explain the work you do
And how long you've been there
I say nothing like I dreamed I would
And too many years to care

Now what about your brothers
You said there’s only three
I’m having trouble with these numbers
They beg to disagree
Well yes there was another
Count him if you must
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

I thought he’d say that he was sorry
For discovering this loss
But he just turned the final corner
And switched the meter off
The fare I’d pay was frozen
I looked to see how much
He said well I guess that he was chosen
Or his number just came up

He calculated figures
And this is what he got
You’re supposed to earn you living from singing
But you’re not
I don’t understand it’s worked before
Something must be wrong
You sure you got your birthday right
You should be singing songs

He pulls up to my driveway
Still trying to work it out
There must be something you’re not telling me
Without a doubt
Numbers unlock mysteries
And that’s what you remain
I said and you’re still driving taxis
It’s a little bit the same
Track Name: Won't Be Long
Won’t Be Long

The letter and the flower
Were swinging from her hands
Like broken wings on a broken bird
Who couldn’t reach the land
Falling through the smoky sky
Still singing as she fell
The gathered could hear the song
From where it came they couldn’t tell

Why the faces so long?
Don’t you know where I’m from?
There’s a place you will love again
Won’t be long
Won’t be long

Like footsteps in the darkness
Are drowned out by the band
The crashing waves remind us
There’d been footprints in the sand
And a thousand conversations
Maybe more
Float across the ocean
Until they reach another shore

The letter and the flower
Roll up on the beach
Back and forth with each little wave
In a separate bottle each
Somehow still together
Halfway ‘round the world
All that’s left of what was once
A message from a girl

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