All That Beauty

by David Hosking

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Produced by Paul "Hammy" Hamilton. Recorded at Hillhouse Studios, Craigantlet, Northern Ireland. Engineered by Paul "Hammy" Hamilton. Mixed and mastered by Michael Keeney at Western Seaboard, Ireland. Art by Michael Lelliot. Photography by Michael Lelliot, Dana Lauren Goldstein and Tilly Tillier.


released December 5, 2012



all rights reserved


David Hosking Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Wouldn't you say?
To sort the boys out from the men
The men send the boys to war
There's too many backs here and not enough wall
So the boys will go for sure
To have a war you need an enemy
Well it's picking time
And it's a very healthy tree

To do some killing you'll always need a gun
If that's not fulfilling
You will also need a bomb
Then make it bigger
Just to let them know
It's your buttons and your triggers
Against their arrows and their bows

To have some loving you've gotta get in bed
To do some killing you've got to have some dead

From the beginning we've had them on the run
But it's gettin so much harder
To know from where they'll come
Could be sitting right beside you
Travelling in disguise
You're just heading for the office
But he's off to paradise
We might be winning but they don't care
They don't mind dying
And that's not fighting fair.....yeah

From the beginning to this very day
There's been a lot of killing
Wouldn't you say?
Track Name: Kissed In A Dream
Jesus walked on water
Because he couldn't swim
Everyone was terrified
Everyone but him
And Albert was an Einstein
Because it was his name
He had silly questions
Then answers came

Don't kiss me 'cause I'm soluble
Don't kiss me

Well Elvis left the building
Now no one's seen him since
By now he must be miles away
At the very least an inch
And Gandhi spurned an empire
Though no one heard him sing
And he could never leave a building
That he was never in

Joan was young and feisty
Around too many would be kings
It's no surprise the holy fires
Came licking at her shins
And have you ever wondered
Why these walls can seem so thin
And every little thing you say
Someone's listening.